Making the Best Choices for each Property
This means handling the right questions and getting the full picture. What is the best location for the charging stations? Do you want level one or level two charging? What model for revenue collection makes the most sense? How do you start and what do you do for the long term needs? Which brands and models best suit your situation? How do you find a qualified installer? What makes the difference between a good installation and one with problems? How does a solar system fit into this picture?
Electric Vehicles are back and help solve pressing national priorities. Property owners can help with this important development and gain many real and significant advantages from doing so. The owners that get with the program early can gain the most. Some of the advantages from getting on board are detailed below.
Advantages of rental property having PEV charging available:
Improves tenant retention by providing vehicle options they want
Increased desirability for new tenant acquisition (EV owners are a quality demographic)
Potential net reduction in vacancy rates
Increased Revenue through fees on charging
Increased property value derived from increased revenue and property improvements
Depreciation capture and tax credits (vary from time to time and by situation)
Renters need help getting the landlords going.
Landlords need help getting the chargers in place and paying for themselves.
Construction and Remodeling
PEV Optimization and Planning
Solar Charging for
Peak Demand Offset
Multi-Unit Rental PEV Readiness
Opportunities and Planning
New Energy PEV Survey
New Energy PEV Projects
Condos, Apartments, and Marinas all have people who want to drive PEVs.
New Energy Answers can make it all smooth, easy and profitable.
Advantages of doing it sooner rather than later
Can get press coverage as early adopter
Builds industry reputation as innovative leader and THE place to live for EV owners
Increases Property profile by word of mouth
You get the answers you need from people with the experience.
The PEV Preparedness survey will put you in the driverís seat with clear direction and knowledge to successfully guide your actions. You get what you need to minimize the problems and come out looking like a winner. You will have access to the experts to help you every step of the way from there.
New Energy Options for
Developing PEV Charging
Getting your properties on track for profitable Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging is as easy as requesting a survey.
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