PEV customers are a select group. Traditional advertising is only cost effective for specific PEV markets and conditions. We can show you when that works and the alternatives that are more cost effective. Our fixed price survey will give you a clear picture of the marketing options best suited to your needs and situation.
IS your sales staff ready for the new technology? DO they understand the reasons behind people wanting a Plug-in Electric Vehicle? DO they get what the EV advantage is all about? DO they understand the nature of PEV customers and how to handle the sales cycle with this sort of person. DO they know how to sell the medicine and the EV smile?
It takes more than just a new certificate to give EV owners the service they want. building customer relations with EV owners is a new ball game. We can show you where the adjustments need to be made in customer service, car maintenance and how expanded electrical capacity fits into the picture.
Are your Service people ready to make the PEV shift?
Electric Vehicles are fundamentally different than conventional vehicles.
Car dealers need to know what it takes to adjust effectively to stay competitive and on top of the game.
New Energy Answers can help put you in the lead starting with a PEV Dealer Survey followed by the right combination of services.
Do you have the EV sales edge?
Do you know how to attract and find PEV customers?
If not New Energy Answers can get your people on track with sales training and give you the competitive edge.
New Energy PEV Survey
New Energy PEV Consulting
Getting your Dealership on track for profitable Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales is as easy as requesting a survey.
Market Development and Promotions
EV Service and
Site Development Planning
Sales Training and Staff Development
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