Staying competitive means keeping up with the times. Plug in electric vehicles can impact your business in many ways. It starts with reducing fuel costs for your fleet and for your employees. Keeping quality employees comes into play as does attracting new and quality customers.
Fleet Conversions
Ready to put Electric drive, CNG, hydrogen or Bio fuel powered vehicles to use. We have people who know how itís done and the pitfalls to avoid. Add some training to that and you are operational in no time.
Charging Station Planning
There are cost effective ways to get with the EV world and there are fancy ways. There are government programs that can help you do this. You choose the right approach for your company. We help you understand the cost benefits of your choices. New Energy Answers helps you get it done with out the costly mistakes that doing things the first time can create.
Technology Integration into Existing Systems
Introducing new technology and products to your organization requires people skills and technical know-how. Our teams will bring the right combinations for a smooth and effective transition.
Getting New CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS and adding Green to your branding
EV drivers are a great customer demographic. Adding chargers to your business will not only bring them to you but add to your Green Credentials. When you are the first in your area you have the potential to gain active PR and we can help that to happen. Any publically available charging site goes on the EV charging maps and brings EVs to your location. New Energy Answers can help make all that happen.
Company Vehicles
Whether you need executive vehicles, delivery vehicles or a full fleet fuel cost reduction plan we can help you do it right. Our Survey will identify where the potential lies with the new technology including Plug In, Natural Gas and bio fuels. You have access to both years of experience and the most up to date information. That means you can take advantage of the government incentives minute most timely manner. You then choose your path and New Energy Answers makes the way smooth and easy for you.
New Energy Answers can help you to know when to act and how to keep on track.
New Energy PEV Survey
New Energy PEV Consulting
Fuel costs Savings:
PEVs vs. Gasoline Vehicles
Site Evaluations with
Peak Demand Analysis
Company Vehicle Evaluations with Incentives and Benefit
Employee Workplace Charging
Systems and Planning
Visitor and Public Charging
Business Plans
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Getting your Business on track for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Advantages is as easy as requesting a survey.