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New Energy Answers teams have helped create some of the more sustainable communities and can help you do that in your area.
Update Building Codes
Streamline Permitting and
Inspection Processes
Update Zoning and Parking Policies
Regional Public Charging Station Site Selection Planing
Participate In Local Official Training and Education Programs
Solutions for Multi-Unit Dwelling Properties
Visitor and Employee Workplace Charging Systems and Planning
Out Reach to Local
Businesses and Residents
New Energy PEV Survey
New Energy PEV Consulting
The first step would be to evaluate your situation and needs.
That is where the survey and consulting come into play.
Getting your Community on track with clean Plug-in Electric Vehicles using domestic energy starts as easily as
requesting a survey.
Infrastructure Planning and Development
Electric, natural gas, and hydrogen vehicles will need charging and fueling infrastructure. This is true for fleets, for communities and for overall transit planning. The practical and experienced expertise from New Energy Answers makes the difference between working solutions and symbolic gestures.
Clean Fleet Audits and Development
Find out where your fleet stands in relation to regulations and options for sustainable alternatives. We can then layout a development plan based on your priorities and budget. The plan would include technology, funding and capital planning.
General Plan Updates for Energy and Emissions Planning
Working with government staff, elected representatives and community-based groups allows the creation of effective plans that get results. New Energy Answers can tie all these together with the latest technical and planning developments to produce up to date and practical planning that incorporates Sustainable Energy elements into Land Use and Circulation Planning.
Community Engagement
Bringing business, government and grassroots support together to create dynamic
involvement for rapid results. Here are some of the results that can be created:
Forming Coalitions that can work effectively with change is powerful. New Energy Answers can create these in record time with the least cost. We are already part of regional and national networks that can bring resources and solutions to your situation.
Policy and Regulatory Support
Working with enforcement and development staff to identify any regulatory barriers to development as well as areas of incentives to promote community identified priorities.