New Energy Answers can help with the expertise you need.
Technology Research and Analysis
You do not have to start from scratch. Our team brings up-to-date knowledge to apply to your situation. We take your needs and find the right details that match your best solutions. The team can then provide training or project implementation based on the findings.
New Technology Feasibility and Development
When you need to take your technology to the next level for sustainability, our teams can help. Our teams know what is feasible and can quantify that in respect to budgets, timetables and results.
New Energy Answers can bring in the outside experts you need.
Sometimes the people you have on staff can meet that challenge and sometimes you
need to find experts to help.
New Energy Answers can provide solutions that are beyond you current staffing ability. When you have clearly identified what you need we can help get the job done. That may involve training, individual consulting or implementing a full project drawing on outside resources. These services may also result from the needs identified in the basic survey.
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We track developments in the industry and in the government sector so you get the right information to focus your decision making. You learn about the incentives and regulations with enough time to respond effectively and with the least cost.
The founder of New Energy Answers has been helping companies and communities prepare for and deploy new technologies for over 30 years. He has worked with Electric Vehicle technology and community EV preparation for a decade. This background means he brings in only the right people for your situation.
You have the opportunity to bring a unique blend of EV technology knowhow and a long track record of technological innovation to bear on making a smooth and effective transition into the world of electric vehicles.