The Survey is designed to take the uncertainty out of your preparation for electric vehicles.
The New Energy Answers EV Preparedness Survey is a fixed price way to get started. The preparedness report will give you a clear picture of how your organization or business can benefit from the EV revolution. You will see what steps lie ahead to keep up with the technology and regulations. The needs of your staff will be made clear along with a picture of capabilities and the training needed. You will have a good picture of what investments are involved and how they provide payback.
The NEW ENERGY PEV PREPAREDNESS REPORT will put you on track to move into the electric vehicle future with confidence. Any steps you want to take now can be done with our consulting or project management assitance.
The specific content of the survey report will be customized to your situation. and reflect the preparedness requirements associated with your operations. The PEV Projects section of this website (see the links to the left) can give you a better idea of what sorts of things would be considered for your situation. If your organization does not fit into one of these profiles then feel free to get in touch to discuss what you might need and benefit from including in your customized survey.
The first step would be an evaluation of your survey requirements which is done with an initial consultation. The first two hours of that initial meeting or phone conversation are at not charge and comes with no obligations. We will know if there is a fit between us that would produce a win win result.
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When you start with the right information, plan with experienced advise, you come out winning.
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