New Energy High Impact
Information Transfer
The company founder's experience is the key.
Russell Sydney, has helped train thousands of people and hundreds of companies. He is an international seminar leader who has conducted business and public training's far and wide. He has worked all across the USA, throughout Canada, repeatedly in the UK and down into the Caribbean. He has created and worked with numerous Green Car shows.
As a top level international trainer he can deliver the goods himself and bring the right quality people to do the job. The training techniques are engaging, entertaining and impactful. Whether you are looking for effective knowledge transfer or for people buying into a program or a product the training will deliver results.
Panel Discussion, Green Car Shows and Event Organizing.
New Energy Answers can bring the right people together for your events. If you need experts we know who they are. If you need vehicles we know how to get them to your event. We can help get media coverage and PR to increase the reach and the results of your efforts.
Seminars, Workshops, Presentations and Keynotes
New Energy Answers can create high impact results for community, employee and customer education as well as for good PR and improved sales.
New Energy Answers has world class trainers available.
Training, workshops, green car shows, seminars, panel presentations or keynotes, New Energy Answers has what it takes to put the most effective programs together.
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Are your Customers, Employees or Tenants ripe to learn more about PEV's?
Do you need to get your people up to speed on your plug-in vehicle program?
New Energy PEV Survey
Getting the right information to the right people is driving the EV revolution and New Energy Answers can help you get that to happen.
New Energy PEV Consulting
Electric vehicles are sufficiently different that people need to know more about them. There are all sorts of misguided ideas and misconceptions about EVs. Once people find out what they really can do, things start to happen. New Energy Answers can put together the right program for your situation to get the results you desire.
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