Biographies of the Primary People
Russell Sydney
Founder - New Energy Answers Inc.
Russell Sydney has been helping companies and communities prepare for and deploy new technologies for over 30 years. He has worked with Electric Vehicle technology and community EV preparation for a decade. This means you have the opportunity to bring a unique blend of the new technology knowhow and a long track record of technological innovation to bear on making a smooth and effective transition into the world of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.
Mr. Sydney has worked with people in the area (referred to as inside the 405) from Palos Verdes to Santa Monica as well as those up in Santa Barbara and out to Pasadena in the development of Electric vehicle communities. These areas and the network he is a part of are renowned as one of the premier groups for getting EVs and related sustainable vehicles on the road.
The work in the City of Santa Monica has included community organizing that spawned the regional network called the Sustainable Transport Club. Mr. Sydney’s role with this group helped these people to focus on Santa Monica and to create the Alt Car Expo as well as to lay the foundation for EV adoption with updates to the Land Use and Circulation Element of the City’s General Plan. The work included helping to pass regulations supportive of EVs through the City Council and working with the Council and staff effectively in relation to all Sustainable Transportation. It involved working hand in hand with the Fleet Superintendent Rick Sikes who is recognized as one of the top alternative fuel experts in the fleet world.
Russell Sydney has a Masters Degree in International Development from UC Davis.
Michael Sydney
European Director
Michael received his first training in business management as Assistant to the Group Managing Director of The Rank Organisation Ltd, the UK based worldwide conglomerate, which included the film industry, television, ten pin bowling, electronic manufacturing, and a fifty percent holding in Rank Xerox.. From Rank Michael moved to the Reed Paper Group as Marketing Director, and then joined P-E Consulting Group, one of the four major UK management consulting companies in the thirty years after the Second World War where he specialized in Strategic Planning for major UK and international companies. It was during his secondment to the new Government of Uganda that he became interested in the environment and the sustainability of the Earth’s resources. He led the team that developed the first waste-recycling unit on the African continent.
Returning to England, he undertook a number of management projects for the Rothschild family, and set up his own consultancy, specializing in small to medium size companies with an environmental bias. At the same time he bought a farm in the English countryside where he maintained a beef herd and a sheep flock.
He is now a County Councillor for the County of Surrey, which contributes $US 8 billion dollars to the UK economy. He is a Member of the County’s Renewable Energy Committee, and is also Chairman of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) , the equivalent of a US National Park.. In this role he leads a team that has the objective of developing the wood fuel potential of Surrey, which is the most heavily forested County in England. As Chairman of the AONB, he is also a Board Member of the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which has close contacts with the UK Coalition Government, and the European Commission influencing the government on matters of renewable energy. He is well placed to develop the potential for New Energy Answers Inc.
He has participated with the movers and shakers in that area and has experienced the practical results of various approaches to alt fuels adoption. He has been integrally involved with getting the nuts and bolts in place in the City of Santa Monica. He has worked with the community, the City Council and City staff to help make Santa Monica one of the premier locations for electric vehicle adoption.
Mr. Sydney has been an EV user for most of a decade and has hands on experience with all the latest technologies. His background as a mechanic and mechanics supervisor has led to a depth of knowledge about the technology. This has included everything from updating EVs with technology imported directly for experimentation to being a key player in converting an internal combustion Ford Ranger into an all-electric vehicle. He has worked closely with several conversion companies and keeps up with the latest innovations. His knowledge of all alt fuels is almost as deep as it is for the electric drive.
Mr. Sydney’s background prior to his involvement in the Alt Fuels world focused on providing management consulting and training services for technology adoption. This work on computerizing businesses helped over 300 companies adopt the new technologies and resulted in training over 8000 people in various aspects of business and computerization. His training work included working throughout the United States, across Canada, repeatedly in the United Kingdom and down into the Caribbean.
The business consulting grew out of project management work in the government sector. He worked on economic and employment development under funding from Governor Browns office and under the US Department of Commerce. This effort helped introduced one of the biggest marketing innovations in the agricultural sector in over fifty years. Mr. Sydney was fortunate enough to be part of the pioneering effort by a group of people to establish certified farmers markets in California. When he started working on the project there were less than 5 fully operational farmers markets in the state. Now there are over 500 thriving markets in California that provide employment for tens of thousands of people.
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Russell Sydney - CEO
Michael Sydney - European Director