Do you need the right people to get you there?

New Energy Answers is part of a large network of experts and can bring together the people you need.
New Energy Answers will bring together the appropriate companies, consultants and agencies to get the work done. Our development expert will turn you staff and the external resources into a highly functional team. NEA will draw in all the necessary resources to bring development projects to fruition with the least cost and strongest results.

Each team will create the answers and the needed to expand both business opportunities and create government compliance. The assembled teams will bring the best quality and depth of expertise available.
Our Teams make your project a top priority. It is not another job to put on the back pile on an employees desk.
The project gets done right, on budget and on time, our reputation depends on it.
Experienced team members shorten the learning curve to get the best possible result at the lowest cost.
You may be a consultant with a project too big to take on alone. New Energy Answers Inc can help.
You may be looking for the next project to apply your expertise. Please get in touch.
Special projects require special knowledge and expertise. You can try to figure out what is needed for a special project and that requires special knowledge to accomplish. You can then have your human resources people try to find and hire people to do what is needed. That takes time to do well.

You can let New Energy Answers do this for you. We know what you need on a team to get the work done. We can bring in the right expertise to complement your in-house people. We can bring the people in for the right amount of time that their expertise is needed.
New Energy Answers is part of a network of people who have been creating sustainable transportation for over a decade. We are your access point to the people who know how to get your community or your business to put energy efficient vehicles on the road, meet regulatory requirements and reduce energy costs.
New Energy PEV Survey
Are you ready for your Plug-in Vehicle Future?
Unless you already know exactly what you want to do you may want to start with a PEV Survey. The following link may help.