New Energy Answers provides Consulting, Training and Development Services for Businesses and Government entities. New Energy Answers makes it easy to reduce your cost of fuel, clean up your vehicles and use domestically produced energy with electric and other alt. fuel vehicles.
New Energy Answers has programs and the expertise to provide just what government and business needs.

The Links below will help you choose the best starting point for using EVs and clean alt fuels effectively. The projects link will take you to lists of opportunities and concerns for specific organizations and businesses.

You become part of the solution quickly and smoothly with New Energy Answers.
New Energy PEV Survey
New Energy PEV Consulting
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The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is on in a big way. You can get ready for that smoothly and easily or you can do it the hard way.

That is where New Energy Answers comes in.

New Energy Answers has the right people to help you to Plan and Prepare for and to Utilize Plug-in Electric Vehicles. You avoid the kicking and screaming part
and come out looking like a star.

The links immediately above and at the top of the page will take you to more details.
You can start with a fixed price PEV Survey that gives a full picture of your situation and the potential for the new technologies. You can benefit from our up-to-date information with consulting, presentations, workshops and more. You can benefit from having a team put together to get the special projects you need done.
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Get the EV Advantage with Company Vehicles
Optimize Charging for Customers and Employees

Automotive Dealers:
Become a Top EV Dealers Ahead of the Competition

Property Management:
Plug-In Solutions for Commercial, Shared and Rental Properties

Making EV Deployment and Preparedness Smooth and Low Risk for
Cities, Counties and Agencies